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英語接客 -The importance of customer satisfaction-

What is the customer satisfaction?

“Satisfying customer” means service offered to a customer creates convincing customer satisfaction according to the customer’s criterion.

-As competition in the hotel industry is becoming severer day by day, needs and importance of customer satisfaction are becoming much higher than before.
-When you always provide satisfactory service to a customer, the customer will become a fan of your hotel and then will gradually become a regular customer.
-Needless to say, if your service is not satisfactory level to a customer, the customer will choose the other hotel so you end up to lose the customer.

What is Omotenashi or, Japanese hospitality ?

“Omotenashi”is service spirits and behavior to satisfy customers based on the mindset of altruism.
-Important point of Omotenashi is to always keep in mind how we can satisfy a customer and care the customer.
-Priority should be placed how a customer wants to be treated, not what a service provider should do from our point of view.


-The objective of service is to satisfy customers. As the result of this, we will create a lot of lifelong fans.
-Form and gesture of service offering should be beautifully refined manner.
-Learning this skill sets will also refine us day by day.

First impression

Our attitude and response to a customer determine the customer’s first impression of us.
If we succeed to let them have a good impression, communication with the customer will be greatly facilitated.
Therefore important points of service delivery are to smooth communication with customers, to satisfy customers and to be appreciated.
-Keep in mind the mindset of “Omotenashi” .
-Let’s enhance our skill sets to deal with customers.
-Let’s have technique to develop a fondness for others.

Customer psychology

Customer psychology that you must know to offer service with “Omotenashi” and what consists of first impression.
Increase your understanding on 6 elements of customer psychology.

1, Customers want to be greeted nicely and pleasantly

At the time of first meeting, people always have some kind of impression, such as I feel comfortable here or I do not like this person. Customers wish to be welcomed and greeted with sincere smile by a person in charge of whenever s/he visits there.

2, Customers always want to occupy you.

When hotel becomes so crowded and you have to handle many customers at once, you have to deal with customers based on customer psychology.
A customer always wants to occupy you and want you to pay attention only to the customer. Therefore when you keep the customer waiting, you should use such language as “I am really sorry to keep you waiting, but would you wait for a minute?” and “Thank you very much for your waiting” afterward.

3, Customers always want to feel superiority

People always wants to be regarded that they are superior to others and do not want to be humiliated. Looking down a customer as having less knowledge than a service provider is far apart from the psychological attitude to do the best to satisfy the customer. What we have to keep in mind is to try to find out any good points of customers and to give positive credits to them.

4, Customers always want to imitate the others.

Let’s keep in mind the customer psychology that when a customer see or hear other service offered to the others, the customer wants to be treated the same way.
You would have experience that you had decided what you were going to eat after wandering for a while, but as soon as the dish was served to you, the dish offered to the next person looked much more delicious. So this fits your customers too.

5, Customers do not want to lose.

When customer feels their offered service is inferior to the service offered in the other hotel, the customer would feel they are losing. In order to avoid letting them feel so, you have to always provide services which exceed the customer’s expectation. Their unsatisfaction sometimes leads to customer claim.

6, Customers are selfish.

A customer judges things based on his/her own criteria and such criteria are different depending on nationality, gender, ages and environments. What we have to do is to accept others and offer affectionate service and listen to the others carefully.

Elements of first impression which is important for service offering

First 5 to 6 seconds after seeing a person determine the person’s first impression. This impression is composed of 70% of visual information (facial expression, grooming and appearance and body language) and 30% of aural information (language and its expression) and this first impression will last about 2 and half years. If you give bad first impression, you fail to open the door to connect with a customer. With this keep in mind, we have to learn how to appeal and express ourselves visually and aurally.


“Omotenashi”is service spirits and behavior to satisfy customers based on the mindset of altruism.

①Simple type

Simple type

②Better way

Better way